Monday, November 23, 2009

Life in a Bubble.

Things are tough. This year is so much more different and more difficult to deal with than my freshmen year and I don't know why. Being a sophomore, I am the commander of the freshmen kids and taking care of them has been such a blessing. I always tend to have an easy time getting along with people and pleasing them, but when it comes to me, I don't know how to deal with certain things. I wish pleasing myself would be as easy for me as it is for me to please others. I have the hardest times coming out of a slump nowadays that it bugs me like crazy. Usually I'm able to brush it off but after meeting all these different people with different perspectives on life, I feel like I've slowly begun to change into a different Sam. It should be alright though. I just have to constantly believe that God is with me always (which honestly, I am having trouble with). My burning passion for God from last year is gradually diminishing. I guess I just wish there were people to constantly nudge me in the right direction. I guess I just miss having Joe Choe always nudge me in the right direction. I guess I just gotta start learning to be independent and step up my self motivation. Life's tough.

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  1. joseph choe!!!
    mmm dude im sure you are shaping and changing into a different (in a good way) person and as long as you keep your focus on Him and let him mold you, all is good! (wow sounds so cliche...)
    hope you have/get a good support group to push you along! i know its super hard without one, cause i dont have one either and it feels like i have no people to grow with.
    you'll be okay!!